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A quiet romance

I lay one night with him on the cold sand bed, under the blanket of stars on his arm as my pillow, not talking, just gazing at the stars and breathing quietly. We listen to our favorite song of silence with waves gushing to and fro and dogs howling at the full moon giving us background music.
With the calm and serenity of the ambience we blend together. And as the breeze pass by, I feel goose bumps on my skin and I shiver and tremble in the cold night air. He then covers himself with my veil and I with his jacket. His jacket feels so warm and cozy. And I could smell his cologne. It was strong and so was he.
I held his arm and put on my head on his shoulder. It always felt safe with him. A wind blew the trees on the sea shore bringing me scent of some leaves. The rustling of the trees spoke on behalf of us as we still lay quietly on the sand.
The night was dark and chilly. Our feet lay cold. He leaves me for a minute to fetch some firewood to keep us warm. And I sit watching the tides go high and low just like our relationship. We had our own share of high and lows. But just like the water our love was simply pure.
He brings few twigs and lights them with his lighter. I realize he still smokes secretly. And he gives me a ‘oops! I’m caught’ expression and an innocent puppy look to apologize. Then he shows off his biceps by folding his sleeves as he brings fire in the dark night. I still tremble inside when I see his arms working. He read my mind and gave me naughty grin. I blushed in return. He lit the fire and saw me watching him closely. He pretends the twig to be heavy and lifts them with great effort. I always was charmed the way he tried impressing me. He then sat beside me. I see him more closely now. His naughty eyes with that sharp nose and his rare but genuine smile always took my heart. We kept looking at each other as the night grew younger and the fire kept burning just like the passions between us.
We were just like the fire and the sea. Both are so different and yet so similar. The energy within us kept rising racing against each other. Our expressions were different but feelings were the same. He was like the fire blazing bright and enthusiastic. I was like the water cooler at surface but flowing currents with greater depths within.
It was warm and smoky. It was the heat of the fire or was it the passion I couldn’t tell. He avoids my gaze now and then. And saw me from corner of his eyes. He kept seeing me without looking at me. I couldn’t help smiling at his playfulness. And all of a sudden he looks and sees me eye to eye. He seems to tell his hearts longings but I feel uncomfortable and uneasy as he penetrates me with his eyes. I push my hair behind my ears and look down. I cannot help feeling shy and feel butterflies within. I hear some noise like beats.
No, it was not our hearts pounding for each other as we thought at first. But those were drum beats from a distance. But the beats matched the music within us. The beats grew louder and the seemed had variations. They seemed to distract us from each other as we look towards the noise. We see a light at a distance in some woods on the shore. Then the fire before us was getting dimmer and it grew darker and darker.
We were unsure about leaving the deserted beach and move toward those drum beats. Because we were happy being lost and away from busy our world. And we were beginning to connect again. The moon hid behind the clouds. As it grew darker and the howling grew louder, it felt creepier. And he saw fear in my eyes and goes towards our campfire. He took the largest twig of all, wrapped it with his handkerchief, lights it up and held it like an Olympic athlete in one hand. Then he comes towards me asking for my hand. I gave my hand without any question, without any objection. He seemed to know where to take me. He seemed so sure or just to make me feel safe. I doubt if he was half brave as he looked. But I gave my hand in his anyways. He always did miracles and surprised me.
We walked on the cold sand as it pulls us down as if holding us back. We blended with the beach so well that I would never forget my entire lifetime. We kept holding hands walking side by side. He leads our way towards the drum beats. I stop and feel anxious to proceed. He saw a wrinkle on my forehead and attempts to iron it off. And he nods his head. And I put both my arms around him with great force and feel his warrior like chest. He lifts my chin up and kisses my forehead. I feel great emotions rushing out. I feel weaker instead and hold him closer. And he let me be for a minute. Then I feel safer and much stronger. I trust him this time and he could tell. He held the torch more firmly this time. And I place my trust in him and held his arm on one side. We walked together as the beats get louder and light brighter. And my trust in him was stronger.
We reached and hid behind the bushes to

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