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Hello it’s great to be here with you all today and have the opportunity to tell you about my life. What can I say; I’m just an ordinary person really.
I don’t have the most exciting life in the world; I do the normal nine to five.
Working in a supermarket is not the most taxing job in the world but it pays the bills.
I don’t have any family and live on my own so I get to please myself. When I say I live on my own that is not a hundred percent true.I do have a dog. Lovely little thing, a jack Russell terrier called Bill. I love him to bits.
Don’t know where I would be without him. So that’s my life, go to work, walk the dog, do the shopping and watch a bit of telly.
All very routine and normal really. The only thing out of the ordinary is the fact that I kill people. Up to now I have killed seven people.
You’re all looking a bit shocked and probably think I’m making it all up but it’s true. Why? Why do I kill people?
The answer is I don’t know, it’s just in me I guess.
Always had this fascination with death, my father was a grave digger you know. When I was a kid he would often take me up to the graveyard. Pointing out people he had buried, sometimes whole families killed in a car crash or maybe in house fire.
All very interesting when your ten year’s old, but is that the reason I kill? Do all the children of gravediggers become killers? I think not.
I remember my first kill, made a right mess of it slashing and cutting like a complete mad man. Then dropping the knife as I ran along the street and having to go back and find it.
Had my finger prints all over it, didn’t think of wearing gloves did I? Still it was my first time and I did improve.
Do I ever feel guilty for what I do? No never, as I said it’s just a part of me, it’s what I am. When you think about it, all the killings put together take up very little time.
I would say about hour, I’m very quick. So that’s one hour of complete craziness in a life time.
The rest of the time I go to work, walk the dog and probably live life the same as you, all very routine and normal really.

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