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Master Of Soul (part 2)

Master Of Soul (Part 2)

Eternity of peace they spend their days
eloping the nature together ,
master of soul Saul and his Shanty angel
of waves serenity,

Happiness in deep of seas curls of waves
he ,Saul touches her emotions so wonderfully
as he is so tender devoted to her carefully
she shanty touches his emotions so leisured
as she is so loving comforting to him treasured

For their peace of the thoughts of romancing
in the seas playground of creatures so amazing
beautiful to earth this nature in the venture ,
of Saul Quest of the soul for he is the master
of her Shanty angel waves serenity

The seas are raging with Saul quest
to win the power from the storms havoc
of thundering clouds to lighting rumbles
Shanty is a little frightened by the force
the loudness

'Saul tries to comfort her,

As he reaches out his hands to her to hold
so dear dearly for life by the raging sea
plunder to lend to her a sweet passionate
kiss to her soul comfort and to tell her everything
would be fine and we need to make love
in this deep sea quest to survive this
raging storm of havoc,

That want to destroy of passion
in the sea as i touch you shanty
angel waves of serenity by the sea

Sharing together their so truly lusting bodies
master of soul Saul is devouring her sweetness
of drip of salty water ,

Is his divine quenched thirst to listen to
her sweet purr to the sea
for he is the master of soul
shanty angel waves serenity
has truly found her match
in nature way of sea ,

The storm that played havoc
in the twined of them in the raging
of the seas ,

Brought out their pleasure for each
other to grow stronger to heart
in the paradise by the sea ,

Truly Saul is the master of soul
shanty looks at him with hero
eyes to his soul ,

For that he is truly loved
in his souls of souls ,
journey in the quest the love
For he Saul has found his,
true mate shanty angel of waves
serenity sea ,

Loving it is truly his home
to be with her to certainly enjoy
with the peace of love in ,
nature paradise of fantasy ............................

Master Of Soul (part2)
378 Words
By Deb Harman ©

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