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Master Of Soul (part 1)

Master Of Soul (Part 1 )

Was a master of soul
so loving "He waved is magical
wand danced across your heart
the beating foreseen in his eyes
window of his hands open to pull
in with the tides of the seas please

Teasing the heart of obey
to love of pounding kindness
his temper was raging with fever
of worship to the feet of bow
you kneel down in the sand
of gold for please ,

For his sweet love to treasure
over lovers of seas ,
because he is the master of soul
the wandered protector of the mind

Treasury is his guardian
for he was a angel by
the love of his side
tempting light ,

His name was Saul
the seas protector of love
and nature beauty,
with his angel of water by his side
her name is Shanty of the waves serenity ,

Together they are truly spirited by courage
of the water eloped in his wandered hands
magical is their paradise of tranquil tame

The lighting in the distance is grayed
by the clouds of force in the watchful view
over the horizon entrance to the seas den

Saul the master of soul is no timid
by the havoc winds of the breeze
he is observed looking for his love
Shanty angel of the waves serenity

To see if she is in peace
truly to merge with his hands
in the tides to their sweet love
by the seas paradise of tempting desire

As their hearts to match the radiance
to the storms havoc of wildly force
holding on tight together for dear energy
life to the faith of match their dance
of the love, Saul certainly protects
his angel Shanty of waves eloping
to his quest to love the soul cured

Wandered his hands to her soul
of composed drip of purity ,
sweetly and delicate over his hands
to his soul ventured by love allured
in the seas of tranquil

By the havoc of the wildly storm
of gray clouds rumbles dormant
in the wildly of the night serene

For every inner strength
of their souls they close
in the love so the storm havoc
will pass over the night so the
sun of rise will shine essence
of the hope of our souls to dance
in the seas tides of calm delight
for their surely please ,

To the light the surrounding their
nature love of wonderfully truth
they dance the seas bathe

In the rise of morning pride
smiling shanty is in Saul hands
for she is his angel of waves divine
to his soul cured of wandered roughed
love caress to kiss as the drip of water
drop to Saul heart of magical passion

He drinks those drip of her purity scent
for surely her taste is his sweet divine
to truly is ached soul allured to Shanty
freshness of her paradise of energy ,

As Shanty is deep in Saul soul
dancing in the mind is the cherished
love compelling of honesty pledge
to his heart of precious light ,

The sun is glowing over emotions
felt both in their hearts vary ,
in the nature of their flowing energy
kisses are passion in touch ,
of rushes of waves eloping over
their souls so cradle them ,
because the sea is there bed ,
to dance truly in the time of the hours
minutes , Seconds, forever in the blissful
of their paradise of love breathing ,
the sea air of salty mist breezing

By the Saul master of soul is his wandered hands
surely do the play the soul of Shanty angel
of waves serenity she so loving adores his
magical wonders soul powerful strokes of
intriguing passion

Dancing over the seas they do their souls
bound by love the nature of thoughtful
to minds of desires foreseen to truly
for he Saul is truly the master of soul
Shanty protector as they dance
for eternity of peace ...........

Master Of Soul (part 1)
642 words
By Deb Harman ©

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