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The Apple in the garden of Edem

The Apple in the Garden of Eden

Why am I a heroin addict? The truth is, heroin was always the
forbidden fruit. The apple in the Garden of Eden. I always knew it was wrong, but I just couldn’t resist taking it and if you believe that bullshit you’ll believe anything.

The real truth is, I never woke up one morning and thought to myself, you know what, today I going to become a heroin addict. Not much on the telly, might be a bit of laugh, why not indeed. I never planned to become a heroin addict, does anyone plan to become an addict? You have to be nuts to want that. I’m nuts but not that nuts.

You see I wasn’t born an addict, it's something I evolved into. My early life was okay, I was born into a semi-functional family. We had our ups and downs like any folk, but we never staved and always had money in our pockets. School life was fine, I was never what you would call the world’s greatest student, but then again I wasn’t the worst.

It was at school that I tried drugs for the first time, a bottle of cider with a couple mates. Some people don’t regard alcohol as drug, but in my book, if it has the potential to get you off your face then it’s a drug. Can’t say I was too impressed by booze the first time, but it grew on me.

When I left school I worked in a bank for while. Then in a camera shop, then the building game. Never got the sack or anything just could never settle in one place. After work I would hang out with some mates, drinking and smoking a bit of dope. Nothing very heavy, it was all a bit of a laugh. Sometimes, we did a line of speed or coke at the weekends. If we went out to club, we would pop a few pills, to make the evening go with a buzz.

After a while the weekends just got longer and longer. Until the weekend would last all week, party central. Not going to bore you, with a whole heap of war stories of my drug taking. Just to say that the party days turned nasty, that didn’t stop me trying to get them back again. Somewhere along the way, I tried heroin, all just part of my evolution. Becoming the fine figure of a human being that you see today. A complete fuck up as a human, but still human, just.

Bet you are wondering, why I don’t stop? if it was all so crap. You know? I’ve been an addict now, for over twenty years, what do I know about being straight? It maybe a crap life, but at least it’s a life I know. The world is a mad house, an asylum, and the longer that you live in it, the madder you become. I know I’m nuts, it always makes me laugh, to see all those straight people looking down their noses at me. Acting all, fucking superior, well I have news for them, they are all crazy, nuttier than a coconut. So welcome to you all, welcome to the asylum.

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