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Daydream Skies

Verse 1

Daydream are the skies so amber blue line divine
floating inside the energy of white crisped clouds
magical in the rhythm of mythical love of earthy
melodies of consumed hearth of moving soul
of the enchantment of the beauty that circles around
falling twisting and turning through the day atmospheric

Yonder of the countyside is truly superb the daily palace
of fields of urban yellow grass by the horizon river flow
dancing the purity of bleating by comforting journey
with miracle of little super love of skies man angels
of muscle broud and strong strumming harps symphony
by the circles of daydream skies of enlightenment joy

Hearing with such pleasure by the musical strong angels
of harmony of charming bellow by under the daydream skies
is clarity of picture perfecto , As the lady of sunlight is watching
in peaceful of blissful harmony, Singing sweet chorus by the waves
that intwine her dear intrigued super love of passionate hearth
courage is lady of sunlight by the man angels of harp de skies

Symphony of classical by delightful of praise surrounding
the embrace of journey bounding of daydream skies gala
by the clouds sweetest inheritence of playing tempo orchestra
see by the daydream skies of angels man army of holy soldiers
as the eyes close and embrace in to the deep of the loving of lady
of sunlight glamor of royale O light of majesty of harmonic bliss .

Verse 2

Wonder to the oceans of waves rocking into the angels mans
song harp de skies as they connect into the harmony of motion
by the call of the oceans horn, Lady of sunlight gleaming with pure
satisfaction by the enhance of melodies nature of shinning light
as eyes close drifting further into the mythical of dearest serenity
by the paradise of the daydream skies of magnifiant symphony

Proud are the angels man harp de skies across those fields
of the country side of urban yellow grass of lady of sunlight
fever of rays bleating those horzion of glory of beautiful rivers
flow streaming through the symphony of gold stringed harps grand
strong by angels man of army muscle musicians of divine orchestra

Worship is the lady of sunlight bringing beauty of grace surely charisma
by the daydream skies harmony by the sweetest gleam of yellow shallow
echoing by the sea horn of calling into the harp de skies holy voyage
by O angels man perfecto of royale by the gala in the skies dream
as eyes close into the inside of this magical of melodies illusion
of divine pleasure of the holy faith of wise treasury of unison

Verse 3

Daydream skies all of you embrace in this fantasy ride
of orchestra dream by angels man harp de skies symphony
bleating you in wisdom of soul ringing your ears while eyes
slightly, tightly closed ,by lady of sunlight glow of echoing
halo to the rise of your ears so entertained by divinity

Gives dream sweetest feeling in the imagine
by your breathe musical by light of lady of sunlight
threads her weaving web of contempt embrace
tall are the angels man by the harpde skies legacy
strong and fellows so broad and proud is the majesty

Wishing the daydream skies would never end
as eyes closed in trinity by the stars dancing
over moonlighting rays of perfecto O atmospheric
cosmos of angels man harp deskies of evening
by oceans waves of tranquility in deepening by clouds afloat

Awaking from the daydream skies symphony
of angels man of harp de skies oddity
feeling the sweetest passion in the soul as the harmony
plays around you in the daily of the journey loving
by the lady of sunlight echoing reserve

verse 4

Radiance over the country side urban yellow fields of grass
of rivers streaming flows by the orchestra symphony
truly harmony to joy the risque ,
by the daydream skies
melodies realm fantasy.

Daydream Skies (Fantasy) 644 words
© By Deb Harman 5/11/14

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