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Has HUMAN surpassed ; A HUMAN within oneself ?


Has HUMAN surpassed ; A HUMAN within oneself ? Human is I here.
Am I winning within?
Am I winning within my inner world?
Am I winning without?
Am I winning without outer world?
An outer world which provides & has; air, water, food & the climate concerns?
Am I a natural human; connected to Nature?
Since; Nature is connected by air, by water, by food, by climate, by winds, by ocean, by river, by mountains, by forests, by glaciers & temperature /pressure gradients (which provide me air, water, food & climate).
Am I with myself at this moment; disregarding the air, I have inhaled, disregarding the Nature; which serves me every moment.
Am I with myself?
Where is the LOVE of me with myself ; me with any other next person ; me with Nature; me with Society ; a DARKNESS where perhaps one( in the form of human @ earth ) is trying to look beyond oneself ; towards . If it could be winning towards larger cause/ contexts of Nature??
Or let us wait for the darkness (in God forbid emergency situations of acute air , water pollution; flood, fire, landslide etc.) ?

by Rajendra Sharma

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