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I Recall


I Recall The Last Day

I recall the last day of high school:
I went crazy became a complete fool.
So many childish pranks- so much laughter.
No thought at all of what would come after.

For me school was never too great a joy-
In truth I was considered a somewhat peculiar boy.
It was not the school’s fault- I was that way from birth:
Too serious for my own good… Isolating… Lacking mirth.

Still the last day catapulted me out of my self-obsession-
(Looking back I probably suffered from some form of depression.)
I guess that that is life- the future finally found me blessed…
No one at the time- I am sure- would have so guessed.

Yes I remember that last day- it stays with me still.
Despite all the frivolity I know it always will.
You see- I must confess- this poem is not really about me… or that day…
But the child who- we were informed- would not be coming out to play.

I cannot answer just why I stayed cheerful? It is true:
I should have felt something more for him… I simply did not know what to do.
When the headmaster announced soberly that our fellow student had died- I believe suicide-
On that day of our celebration… well… we all should have taken time out… and cried.

by Michael Collins

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