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vikash kumar pathak


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Vishnu Pandya

Poetry Tips

A Quick Introduction to Poetry

To become a professional poet requires certain skills and techniques. However, the first lesson the aspiring poet must learn is that when his/her manuscript is in front of editors, they (the editors) have no interest in who has written it, unless , of course, the writer is famous or a celebrity. Their only concern is the quality and the standard of the work they are reading. Is it good enough for publication and can it be used?

What makes real poets? it is an overwhelming urge to take what they see around them, their experiences and emotions, and interpret them for themselves and others in an artistic form.

So, for the aspiring poets, one of the first steps in developing their poetry techniques is to try to cultivate a broad outlook. This can be done by reading widely, by observing the world around them and by analysing their own attitudes and opinions and those of the people they meet in their daily life.

The second step is to realise that no matter how much natural abilities the aspiring poets might have, they cannot achieve their full potential and release their talents if they are not in an environment where they can develop and flourish. Requesting and having honest feedback on one's work is extremely important for the poets to develop their individual style .

Reading the Poetry of Others.

A love of poetry is a great gift. Reading poetry enriches one's life. Writing poetry helps one to make sense of it all.

It is not necessary to have a wealth of natural talent in order to write well. All what is needed is a little spark of poetry love within oneself and the willingness to nurture that spark and make it become a great blaze by the means of studying poetry, reading it and above all, practice.

Read widely, in any genres and any period and also from the most recent published work in order to acquire a feel of what poetry is.

At the end of day, the poet has to remember that he/she working alone at the self-imposed task of writing poetry. The poet writes poetry because he/she loves doing so, because he/she has an obsession to writing down their words in this dynamic form.

There is nothing wrong with feeling passionate about poetry. To the contrary, if one feels indifferent to it, then it is a waste of time.

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